An Cafe

1 Sep

An Cafe members J ROCK!!*`NYAPPY`*

Miku (みく) <—keeps looking better and better!]

big beautiful eyes!!


* Position: Vocals
* Birthdate: January 5
* Bloodtype: A
* Hobby: Shopping & walking

Kanon (カノン)< my hottie favorite ever since the FIRST EVER TIME I SAW THEM<333MINE MINE MINE!

<33333 kanon

* Position: Bass

* Birthdate: July 5
* Bloodtype: O
* Hobby: Shopping & games

Teruki (輝喜

teruki 8D

* Position Drums
* Birthdate: December 8
* Bloodtype: A
* Hobby: Liquor & nature appreciation

Guitar/takuya)<—- my second favorite, besides Bou, since Bou qit. HE IS SO CUTE! i claim !!

better picture of him


Birthday: 9.2.
Blood type: A
Hobby: bath
Favourite food: fruit
Favourite brand: Gibson
Favourite colour: white, black, red,
Smokes: I’m too young to smoke
Perfume: none in particular
Shampoo: LUX
Piercings: none

Keyboard / yuuki < he’s hideous and ugly. Didn’t want to waste my time looking for his picture. BLEH
Birthday: 29.8.
Blood type: ? (he didn’t tell)
Hobby: collecting clocks, going to watch puppies in the petshops in Roppongi when coming home from clubbing


member[that quit]-BOU <— HE WAS ONE OF MY FAVS! i wanted his hairrr. i claim claim claim! he just recently quit. like, 2 months ago! D:<



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