An Improper Introduction

1 Sep

LOL, the title says it all. I should have started this blog out properly, introductions first & posts afterwards, but i was too impatient!

So anyways, let’s get to the point, shall we?

name: “lina”; Angelurmasekur

What i’ve set out to do: basically i’ve set out to do rants, help people with “fashion&hair” problems, and talk!!

About myself: Please don’t expect me to be that typical airheaded little girly girl because frankly, i’m NOT. I have my own opinions, thoughts, & dreams. I love to play computer games, mostly Command&Conquer;I’ve basically got the entire collection,save 1 or 2 games. My alter ego loves clothes, hair, & everything inbetween. HAHA! I’ll be switching between them every so often, so be prepared. :]


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