Breaking Dawn;No Spoilers Involved :]

2 Sep


A review for the day, but before we start, i have a confession.[haha!] I’m a bookwormmmmm. I love to read. I’m probably the only person that isn’t an author,english teacher,etc. to willingly read Shakespeare, :] but that’s what makes me unique? Haha, i seek out those old novels that have been treasured througout the ages; Catcher In The Rye, Romeo & Juliet, Etc. But anyways, back to the point.


This book was AMAZING, except for one tiny  HUGE thing. A few days before i had bought the book, i was chatting with my friend and exclained “BREAKING DAWN!”. In reply, she said,” Yea, i know! Bella gets ********!!!!!”

     Most depressing thing to happen in my life so far………..I can’t even describe how i felt…… I wanted to smack her silly, yet at the same time, i wanted to just fall down and cry! So as i read the book, there was that one FACT that kept on popping up in my mind &  basically COMPLETELY ruined the book for me. MELANCHOLY! But if i overlook that fact, the whole entire book was amazing. The saga also. This was the last book in this saga by the way, and i love how the author didn’t put that much supsense and whatnot into the book, so suprisingly, i wan’t that sad when i had finished reading the book. On the downside, not that much romance in this book, but that’s alright, there was plenty enough for me. :] I was actually happy at the results, not like with the Harry Potter series, i had actually CRIED when the realization hit and Harry was no more.


until next time! :]


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