The Right Places To Shop

2 Sep

I’ve listed all of the stores that i know and people mostly use. Enjoy!


For the “rich”; Price range:$30-300 zone

-Anthropologie; vintage-y clothes. Pretty cute dresses and blouses.

-Urban outfitters; more ” up to date” vintage items and cute shirts.


For the Moderately “rich” : Price range: $10-200 zone

-Abercrombie; Same as A & F, except for kids! I fit the large to xtra large for this store, being that i’m pretty skinny. :T I personally loved them not too far back, but came to hate the quality of their shirts, since they would rip/tear easily.

-Abercrombie & Fitch; Has the more “modern & cool/hip” looks. Jeans, Tees with logo, etc.

-Hollister; Same as Abercrombie & Fitch.

-Gap; Haha, Pretty cute! I love their “cutesy” shirts!

-American Eagle; Brand name. AS like the above. Their things don’t fit me, I’ve tried. 😦 They have a more “Preppy” look to their clothes.


For The Less Profited[i guess?] Price Range: $1-50/60 zone

-Forever 21; I ABSOLUTELY adore this store. 1 major drawback though, is that the quality of the fabrics aren’t that durable, but if you take great care of your clothes, then you’re fine. They have cheap CUTE vests, vintage jewelry and clothes, and the latest fashions also. If you go onto their website, they have other brands from them but under different names? Or is it vice versa? HAHA!!

-Wet Seal; Sort of like Forever 21, but has more BRIGHT NEON colors. I personally like F21 more.

-Charlotte Russe; Once again, like Forever 21. One thing that i have noticed though, is that they pick out a theme. Whenever i walk into the store and for example the theme is black & white, then all of their clothes are black, white, or black and white. Pretty weird. But I don’t go in there a lot, so maybe it’s just me?

-Hot Topic; Haha! I like their jewelry! My friend bought me a Miffy pin from there. Miffy was sitting on the moon in a red background and stars?[ I think]. They have cute stuff, depending on their “Featured Theme”, whether it be Hello Kitty or Twilight…. They also have neon nail polish and colorful hairdye! I heard it was bad for you though? Washes off quickly or whatever, not sure.

-Claires & Icing; ???????? They have TIGHTS. Only store in the dang mall to carry those. Claire’s has cute accesories, and icing does too, though i perfer Claire’s over Icing.

-Old Navy; For some reason, i tend to stray to the kids’ section. I don’t know why….. But on their commericals, the clothes look pretty cute. Haha, idk. I used to always wear this brand when i was small because my aunt would occasionally buy me clothes and they would most likely all come from here. Pretty durable fabric/material also? My clothes from the old days are still good and new!!

-Aeropostale; I again personally don’t like this store….. I have no idea why, but i have a friend who shops here frequently. She claims that the shirts are long. From my experiences TRYING to buy stuff here, the jackets/sweaters are thin….super thin.

-Express; This is for the more “mature” type would say. They have zebra prints and such. They also have wide leg pant suits?


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