How To: Silky Smooth Straight Hair

5 Oct

How to get that silky smooth hair that you’ve always wanted to in a few SUPER easy steps.

Items needed:

  • Blow dryer with a cooling setting.
  • Hair straigtener/flat iron (ceramic or tourmaline)
  • C.H.I 44 Iron Guard ( any heat protectant would work, but this one is best)
  • TRESemme Thermal Creations Straightening Gel
  • Paddle Brush. Actuall,y any brush will do unless you want “volumous hair, then you should get the paddle brush.
  • OPTIONAL FOR IF YOU HAVE DRY HAIR: Pantene Pro-v Fortifiying Fortifier. ** Use this every OTHER OTHER DAY, because it works very well and can keep your hair soft for days. **

Step 1:

– Wash your hair like normal. After you SHAMPOO it, you can either condition it normally, but I like to put on my PANTENE PRO-V FORTIFYING FORTIFIER.  

Step 2:

Towel dry your hair, but leave it a little bit damp, but not dripping. When it feels like it’s almost dry but might need another 10 minues or so, apply about a quarter size of the TRESemme Thermal Creation Straightening Gel and work it through all of your hair. I like to skip my bangs, since it makes my side  bangs unmanageable.

Step 3:


-Wait a minute or 2 to let the gel absorb into your hair. Next, flip your head upside down (so you are facing your knees) and blow dry running a brush through your hair, paddle brush for volume at the roots , regular brush for normal hair. Right after you blow dry and your hair is COMPLETELY dry, turn on the cool button and blow dry your hair on the cool setting.



– Next, Straighten your hair, unless it is already stick straight, then luck you :). Turn on your straightener and set it aside. Next, apply on the CHI 44 Iron Guard all over your hair; About 2-3 sprits for each section of hair is fine. Let that set in a while, then you straighten your hair!

STEP 5 ( optional):

– If you want to control that frizz that everyone has, then spritz  the CHI 44 Iron Guard a few times over your head. I absolutely LOVE this product because it doubles as a heat protector + frizz tamer.

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT! SILKY SMOOTH STRAIGHT HAIR! You can also change Step 4 and curl your hair or change the style, but there it is! 4-5 EASY AND SIMPLE steps to get that desired perfect hair!

** I use this method quite a lot, and would recommend it if your hair is wavy. If You all want, there will be a video for this How To post, tell me first! Comment! 🙂 You don’t need an account, just click the comment button and you’ll see! **


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