A Few Simple Tips & Tricks For Shopping

11 Oct

Just a quick post with a few tips. Some might be already known, but some might not be to some people.

Shopping. Of course every person likes to shop, but one major downer is the action of actually paying. You feel the sadness creep onto you as you hand over that wad of cash for a simple shirt or article of clothing, and of course our economic troubles today aren’t helping much either. So how to save a couple bucks here and there? This is for you big spenders out there too! A little could save up to a lot!

Tip 1: Sign up at the online sites! All you need is your E-Mail address! How easy is that!?!?! Every week or so, they’ll send you these codes to shop online! Sometimes they send awesome things for “exclusive” members. Ex: American Eagle is having a special for their e-mail “fans”. They are having this poll thing where all you ahve to do is do a few surveys each day and each survey will give you around 10 points, and when you reach 450 points you get a 50$ American Eagle Gift Card!

Tip 2: Before you act on an impulse and buy something, TRY IT ON. As you try it on, EXAMINE! Check the length, comfiness, and fit! I’ve been through this before you guys&gals, so trust me! Just go into the changing room and try them on. Easy as that.

Tip 3: Before you decide that you definitely NEEEED NEEED those new pair of shoes, shirt, etc., check online. Check all of the clothing stores that you know and then some more, because the fashion styles nowadays are all very similar. One pair of shoes might be $100 somewhere and $30 somewhere else! Research before action!

Tip 4: For you skinny jean lovers, here’s a tip on how to get very cheap “skinny jeans”. Buy Flare jeans (not super flare) and then bring them to the tailor. Flare jeans are A LOT cheaper then skinny jeans, and even when you DO decide to tailor them, they will most likely still have made you waste less money. ^______^

Tip 5: Quality before Cheapness. Even if you do see the same replica of your favorite outfit, be sure to check the quality of the fabric. Sometimes companies actually make their clothing more expensive because of their superb clothing quality. Also, be sure to check the tag and compare materials that were used to make article of clothing.

Tip 6: If you are going to follow Tip 5, but absolutely CANNOT afford it, then do the next best thing. Either wait for it to go on sale, and even if then it’s still expensive, clearance! If that doesn’t work, then go to department stores such as Macy’s, Marshalls, T.J Maxx, or even Ross! They carry brands such as Juicy Couture and Ralph Lauren, but at a much cheaper price.

Tip 7: If you just simply need a fitted tee, but they might be a little more costly then regular tees, buy the regular tee and sew it in! This would only work if you can sew. I wouldn’t recommend bringing it to the tailors and asking them to do it, because the cost of fixing it would most likely be as much as the cost of the tee itself.


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