Hair Extensions

21 Nov

Now, I’m not going to assume that everyone knows what (hair) extensions are, because truthfully, i only just found out in middle school.

There are 2 types of hair extensions. Synthetic and “real”. The synthetic ones are obviously fake, so they are usually sold in a straight style. These would be recommended for people that already have slightly straight hair, since you can’t curl or do anything to synthetic extensions. With real extensions however, you can play it up however you like.

This is just me, but I perfer synthetic ones. I don’t know why, but i have only owned synthetic ones. Hair extensions are really great for those who want highlights but don’t want to damage there hair. These come in ALL SORTS of colors, such as: green, blue, purple, red, white, grey, and etc. I already own a light aqua blue color, dark blue, and purple(even though i can’t find my purple one.)

So the next time that you want to go for a while new look, try extensions! *Commercial done. KIDDING !*

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