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19 Jan

I love Disney Channel. 🙂 Sorry for all of you who don’t. So if you want to download or sometime watch Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place, etc. and don’t have cable, I’ve found an awesome site.


🙂 enjoy!


The New Footwear Trends

4 Jan

A random little “trend spotting” that i’ve done. I think I might do a few more of these. =) Enjoy!

So I’ve been noticing 3 trends going on, at least where I am now.

1.) The “Steve Madden” suede boots

2.)Uggs with fleece sweatpants

3.)The “skinny” sandals?


*I personally only like the “Steve Madden” boot trend, but they are pricy, but that’s why they created look a likes!

*I really dislike the sandal one. It just looks….odd.