Requested: Mike’s Hair in “Fight For You” MV

9 Feb

Since I couldn’t get a really good look at his hair since he was dancing so much, so I googled it.

These are the images that I’m going to be using:

He’s on the left.

Now He’s on the Right.

…. And about 10 seconds from the MV.


Sorry if this turns out bad you guys. I’m just winging it!



Items needed:

hair wax/clay. Ex: Garnier Frutis, Sebastian Crude Clay.




Volumizing spray/mousse. (OPTIONAL.)

Short hair. Layered hair that goes to about your neck.


1.) Shower. Then towel dry your hair.


**Apply some volumizing spray/mousse to your roots. Read the back of the bottle to see if you apply it with damp or dry hair. 

2.When it’s halfway dry, blowdry your hair with your head facing your knees( bending over), and make the blowdryer face down and towards your  face.

3.) next, flat iron your hair, but only from the second half of your hair. Don’t Straighten your roots.)

4.) After that, use the wax/clay and apply to back of head, giving it a toussled apperance.

5.) Apply some on your bangs and the hair framing your face, making then go forward and make them “defined”…spikes. (refer back to picture.)

AND that’s basically it.

:T Sorry you guys. Like I said, I just winged it. 🙂 Hope you guys liked it!

2 Responses to “Requested: Mike’s Hair in “Fight For You” MV”

  1. 0ni-giri February 15, 2009 at 9:52 am #

    Thanks alot! I didn’t thought you’re that fast =)

    If I have questions, I’ll text you again. x3
    Nice valentines day!!

  2. angelurmasekur February 15, 2009 at 7:58 pm #

    No problem 🙂

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