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Matrix Sleek Look Smoothing System Iron Smoother

27 Aug


This product is a heat protectant spray.

I wouldn’t recommend this in the first place, because of it’s flaws and it’s pricing, which was well over $10 (u.s).


Sleek Look by Matrix Iron Smoother 8.5 oz

  • For sleekest results, never skip a step.
  • Lasting shine and frizz control for styles that stay silky, straight and smooth.
  • Maximizes performance of thermal tools with heat powered-style memory.
  • Invisible shield protects against heat damage (up to 450 F/230 C) and humidity.
  • Flat- iron faster, stay sleeker longer.
  • The 3rd step in Sleek.look’s 4-Step Professional Smoothing System.
  • Includes unique patented formulas that balance moisturization levels to lock out frizz and help transform curly, frizzy, dry or coarse hair into a salon-smooth, sensuously sleek style.

When I sprayed it on, it felt like I had a plastic coating over my hair and gave it this “rubbery” feel. It also dried out my hair, and made strands stick together. It has a salon smell, which I actually like. I have not noticed any difference in the frizz in my hair.

I was very disappointed, since I have trusted the Matrix Sleek Smooth line since I have tried their shampoo and conditioner, which worked wonders on my hair.

All in all, I would give this a 1/5, because the only thing good about this product is that it is a heat protectant, and it’s protection goes pretty high for the temperature.  Everything else is horrible.


Miley Cyrus And Max Azria For WalMart

12 Aug

Miley Cyrus has joined designer Max Azria for her own line, which will be sold at WalMart stores.

And so far, I am quite pleased. I have recently purchased one of the items, and I love it.

It seems like Walmart is following the trend set by Target, getting famous people to design clothes for them.

But Walmart seems to have been getting “Disney” stars, which Target has actual designers.

So be sure to check out her new cheap and cute line!

Here’s one outfit:

A few more:

Fashion: Summer Casual

9 Aug


Favorite summer outfit of the week. Long charcoal gray blouse tucked into green shorts.

Blouse: Gap ($29)

Shorts: Forever 21

I got the blouse recently, and was attracted it it’s beautiful accessories such as the 2 mini corsages and the “woven” scoop neck.

Just wanted to share. =)

**super LATE post, sorry! Can you see my farmer’s tan? haha

Anna Sui For Target

9 Aug

Anna Sui is creating a Gossip Girl inspired line for Target this upcoming Fall on September 13- October 17 . How exciting!

I’m quite excited for this becuase I am such a HUGE Gossip Girl fan myself, especially of Blair Waldorf.

Here’s a peek at her upcoming line for Target.

I firmly believe that the far left girl in the white left represents an outfit that was modeled after Blair and the girl on the fair right with the orange stripes is mean to represent Vanessa.

Outfits for “Serena” and “Jenny” will also be available.

Aren’t the clothes just delicious? There will supposedly be 19 outfits in all. Can’t wait!

Review: Clean&Clear Oil-Free Dual Action Moisturizer

3 Aug


What It Claims To Do:

It works to moisturize dry patches and flakiness while treating and helping to prevent breakouts. It won´t clog pores and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Dual Action Moisturizer contains special moisturizers to help soothe and prevent dry skin. It also contains a small amount of the acne-fighting ingredient Salicylic Acid. This ingredient helps to unclog pores and prevent clogging by helping the skin´s natural renewal process.

What It Does For MY Skin

[Reference: I have a clear complexion with dry patches.  No acne or pimples. ]

-This is my “holy grail” skin product. I use just a dab of it on the spot where ever I get pimples, and it instantly gets smaller in a week or less.

-It moisturizes, but not a lot. And doesn’t heal up all of my dry spots.  If you have super dry skin, I don’t recommend this.

-It’s formula is a bit watery, and the Clean&Clear Morning Glow Moisturizer is thicker.

I give this a 5/5 because it does moisturize my skin and help me with my break-outs.