Review: Clean&Clear Oil-Free Dual Action Moisturizer

3 Aug


What It Claims To Do:

It works to moisturize dry patches and flakiness while treating and helping to prevent breakouts. It won´t clog pores and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Dual Action Moisturizer contains special moisturizers to help soothe and prevent dry skin. It also contains a small amount of the acne-fighting ingredient Salicylic Acid. This ingredient helps to unclog pores and prevent clogging by helping the skin´s natural renewal process.

What It Does For MY Skin

[Reference: I have a clear complexion with dry patches.  No acne or pimples. ]

-This is my “holy grail” skin product. I use just a dab of it on the spot where ever I get pimples, and it instantly gets smaller in a week or less.

-It moisturizes, but not a lot. And doesn’t heal up all of my dry spots.  If you have super dry skin, I don’t recommend this.

-It’s formula is a bit watery, and the Clean&Clear Morning Glow Moisturizer is thicker.

I give this a 5/5 because it does moisturize my skin and help me with my break-outs.


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