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Request: How to wear Oxfords

29 Aug

outfit 1: scholar

  • dark chocolate oxfords
  • cuffed dark blue denim pants/jeans ( buy them a little longer than usual, so when you cuff them they’ll still be at a normal length)
  • black blazer
  • black fedora
  • white v-neck/blouse

Middle picture

Outfit 2: Girly

  • Any color oxford
  • floral dress
  • cardigan
  • optional: knee socks

Hope you enjoyed these ideas! 🙂


Upcoming 2010/2011 leading fashion trends

28 Aug
  1. LACE: A very huge trend. The girly look is coming back; however, some are taking it even further by add an edge. How? Wearing black lace instead of the traditional lace, wearing lace TANK TOPS, and accesorizing.
  • Tips: You can spice up a simple lace cami/blouse with jewelry. I love the grungy vintage look by pair silver cross necklaces with simple lace blouses. Or, you can add a bright unconventional tanktop under a sheer lace top.
  • Target has some very nice lace clothing.

2. FLORALS: dark patterns, light patterns, you name them, they’re in style. I personally believe that the floral trend will never officially go out of style, because it is such a classic.

  • A great outfit= a light washed demin jacket with the sleeves rolled up over a floral dress.
  • utilize 2 trends. floral+lace= perfection

3. OXFORDS:Very classic/vintage. This pair is from Steve Madden, and is the epitome of the classic oxford. I believe that the stevemadden website has these on sale at the moment (don’t quote me!), and that if you sign up for their emailing list, you get a 10% discount code (again, don’t quote me!) check it out!

  • would look amazing would cuffed dark blue denim, a white shirt, a black blazer, and a fedora.
  • oxfords actually go quite well with floral (dresses)
  • forever21 has been selling some cute affordable oxfords as well

4. DOUBLE FINGER/KNUCKLE RINGS: Can be very edgy and unique; however, there are flower designs and more girlier designs, which can most definitely take off the edge. Sill catching on, so be one of the first to wear them and be top of your “fashion game” 🙂

  • forever21 has amazing deals on these.
  • some find them to be uncomfortable, but I find them to feel like any normal ring. Be sure to try them on first!

Hope this helped you guys decide what to get for your wardrobe. I tried to be a bit more unconventional than the average “trends” posts. Enjoy!