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19 Jan

I love Disney Channel. 🙂 Sorry for all of you who don’t. So if you want to download or sometime watch Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place, etc. and don’t have cable, I’ve found an awesome site.


🙂 enjoy!


Ulzzangs & Updates!

13 Nov

I’m EXXTREMELY sorry you guys! I haven’t been on in sooo long! For these past weeks, I’ve been so overloading with school! UGH! anyways, I’ll try my best to post something at least once a week!

So anyways, back to the subject of this post! ULZZANGS! I’ve always been obcessed with them ❤ But, of course, most of the girls don’t actually look like that in real life. 😦 Bummer. So here are a few things that you’d need to achieve that look! Keep in mind that even if you DO do all of these steps, you might still NOT turn out to look like a true ulzzang, because it can also depend on your overall face structure and so forth.




2.) EYELID GLUE FOR Y’ALL THAT DON’T HAVE DOUBLE EYELIDS( i think that’s what it’s called?) LUCKY you if you already have them. 🙂 

3.) Black eyeliner and eyeshadow. White eyeshoadow for your ends of your eyes. uhh, the the inner edge….. And for your waterline.

4.) Nude or light pink lips.


6.) Concealer (if you need it) 🙂


** IF you’ve noticed, the ulzzang look focuses a lot on the eyes. They need to look big, cute, and innocent!














21 Sep

A boy band, but not exactly. They’re brothers, and so hot! 😉



Golf-Mike (กอล์ฟ-ไมค์) is a Thai sibling pop duo. (In Japan they are known as GOLF&MIKE)


Golf (Pichaya Nitipaisalkul/พิชญะ นิธิไพศาลกุล)

Birthdate : 20 February 1987

Nationality: Thai


Mike (Pirath Nitipaisalkul/พิรัชต์ นิธิไพศาลกุล)

Birthdate: 19 December 1989

Nationality: Thai

Golf & Mike were recruited into the G-Junior project by GMM Grammy, Thailand’s biggest entertainment company in 2002. The brothers were trained in singing, dancing, acting, and some other classes for 4 years before finally debuting as artists in November 2005 in their self-titled album, “Golf-Mike”.  Golf and Mike have their very own clothing range, which appears in popular shopping areas such as Siam Square in Thailand.

They are currently studying at Mahidol University.



I really like their song “Fight For You” and their music video for it too.

Breaking Dawn;No Spoilers Involved :]

2 Sep


A review for the day, but before we start, i have a confession.[haha!] I’m a bookwormmmmm. I love to read. I’m probably the only person that isn’t an author,english teacher,etc. to willingly read Shakespeare, :] but that’s what makes me unique? Haha, i seek out those old novels that have been treasured througout the ages; Catcher In The Rye, Romeo & Juliet, Etc. But anyways, back to the point.


This book was AMAZING, except for one tiny  HUGE thing. A few days before i had bought the book, i was chatting with my friend and exclained “BREAKING DAWN!”. In reply, she said,” Yea, i know! Bella gets ********!!!!!”

     Most depressing thing to happen in my life so far………..I can’t even describe how i felt…… I wanted to smack her silly, yet at the same time, i wanted to just fall down and cry! So as i read the book, there was that one FACT that kept on popping up in my mind &  basically COMPLETELY ruined the book for me. MELANCHOLY! But if i overlook that fact, the whole entire book was amazing. The saga also. This was the last book in this saga by the way, and i love how the author didn’t put that much supsense and whatnot into the book, so suprisingly, i wan’t that sad when i had finished reading the book. On the downside, not that much romance in this book, but that’s alright, there was plenty enough for me. :] I was actually happy at the results, not like with the Harry Potter series, i had actually CRIED when the realization hit and Harry was no more.


until next time! :]

Command&Conquer 3:Tiberium Wars

1 Sep



Let me start at the beginning. I have played the Command&Conquer series ever since 5th grade and fell in love with it instantly, so when i saw the price of the new series($29.99) i didn’t care and went ahead and bought it, overjoyed when i looked at the back of the box and saw what new incredible and deadly machines there were for me to enjoy :). MUCH to my dismay, the video quality of this game was HORRIBLE and the “characters” didn’t look like actual “soldiers” at all……..This left me depressed. After SOOOO many countless hours i’ve spent on each game, i was EXTREMELY suprised to see the quality of this game was far from perfect. WHY OH WHY COMMAND & CONQUER MAKERS?!?! D:


I’ve nothing more to say…..

Gossip Girl Season Premiere

1 Sep


OHMYGOSH! Gossip Girl Season Premiere! EEEEK! I’ve been in an excruciating point in my life where boredom has taken its toll, but that’s all going to change now! Gossip Girl is back! I’m obviously a huge obcessed fan, but i must admit to missing a couple of episodes, purely because of my schoolwork piling up on me…..


I love Leighton Meester a.k.a Blair Waldorf. I know I know, you guys are all thinking, but she’s an evil b****! But I just love how she can keep her class, style, & poise, but behind all that she still finds a way to be “catty” and yet keep her reputation.  🙂

Can’t wait!

An Cafe

1 Sep

An Cafe members J ROCK!!*`NYAPPY`*

Miku (みく) <—keeps looking better and better!]

big beautiful eyes!!


* Position: Vocals
* Birthdate: January 5
* Bloodtype: A
* Hobby: Shopping & walking

Kanon (カノン)< my hottie favorite ever since the FIRST EVER TIME I SAW THEM<333MINE MINE MINE!

<33333 kanon

* Position: Bass

* Birthdate: July 5
* Bloodtype: O
* Hobby: Shopping & games

Teruki (輝喜

teruki 8D

* Position Drums
* Birthdate: December 8
* Bloodtype: A
* Hobby: Liquor & nature appreciation

Guitar/takuya)<—- my second favorite, besides Bou, since Bou qit. HE IS SO CUTE! i claim !!

better picture of him


Birthday: 9.2.
Blood type: A
Hobby: bath
Favourite food: fruit
Favourite brand: Gibson
Favourite colour: white, black, red,
Smokes: I’m too young to smoke
Perfume: none in particular
Shampoo: LUX
Piercings: none

Keyboard / yuuki < he’s hideous and ugly. Didn’t want to waste my time looking for his picture. BLEH
Birthday: 29.8.
Blood type: ? (he didn’t tell)
Hobby: collecting clocks, going to watch puppies in the petshops in Roppongi when coming home from clubbing


member[that quit]-BOU <— HE WAS ONE OF MY FAVS! i wanted his hairrr. i claim claim claim! he just recently quit. like, 2 months ago! D:<