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1 Mar

I need some.

School is overwhelming.

I need some inspiration to write some more on my blogs.

😦 help?

Any ideas?


Command&Conquer 3:Tiberium Wars

1 Sep



Let me start at the beginning. I have played the Command&Conquer series ever since 5th grade and fell in love with it instantly, so when i saw the price of the new series($29.99) i didn’t care and went ahead and bought it, overjoyed when i looked at the back of the box and saw what new incredible and deadly machines there were for me to enjoy :). MUCH to my dismay, the video quality of this game was HORRIBLE and the “characters” didn’t look like actual “soldiers” at all……..This left me depressed. After SOOOO many countless hours i’ve spent on each game, i was EXTREMELY suprised to see the quality of this game was far from perfect. WHY OH WHY COMMAND & CONQUER MAKERS?!?! D:


I’ve nothing more to say…..

Gossip Girl Season Premiere

1 Sep


OHMYGOSH! Gossip Girl Season Premiere! EEEEK! I’ve been in an excruciating point in my life where boredom has taken its toll, but that’s all going to change now! Gossip Girl is back! I’m obviously a huge obcessed fan, but i must admit to missing a couple of episodes, purely because of my schoolwork piling up on me…..


I love Leighton Meester a.k.a Blair Waldorf. I know I know, you guys are all thinking, but she’s an evil b****! But I just love how she can keep her class, style, & poise, but behind all that she still finds a way to be “catty” and yet keep her reputation.  🙂

Can’t wait!