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What’s in my bag?

10 Nov

Hello readers! i’m finally back from my hiatus 🙂

I’ve missed blogging.

So I just wanted to do a What’s In My Bag? post, since it looks so fun.

So let’s get started ^__^


This is what my makeup/beauty bag looks like; I only keep essentials in there.

Snapshot_20091109It’s a pretty thin bag. How I get all of my things in there, I don’t know. It’s about the size of a book. It was a free offer from Clinique.

What it holds. Let me just forwarn you, I’m a pretty simple girl when it comes to makeup:


From left to right:

1)Almond moisturizing lotion; sample size. It’s alright. Neutral smell. I carry it around for the convenience of it.

2) Peratin nourishing oil treatment , sample size : I LOVE this stuff. IT smells amazing and feels like silk when it goes into my hair. The cool thing is, you can use it on your skin too!!!!!!!

3.)Revlon PINCH ME sheer gel blush in Playful Pink : I like this gel a lot. It makes it look like you’re glowing from within. The only bad this is that you have to use a lot for the color to start showing.

4)  Nivea A Kiss of Flavr Cherry Tinted Lip Care ; I definitely recommend this. It’s like a lip tint and lip balm blended together. I like this since it’s like a lipstick replacement.

5)Clinique shee powder blusher in 15 Wild Rose, sample size ; For those timeswhen I perfer powder blush over gel blush. I like the name.

6) Angelic Eye High Definition Mascara from KEANCOLOR : This gives me a LOT of volume and length. Sadly, it comes with clumps.

7) Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Hevenly, sample size : smells lovely.

8) NATROBBINS Creme to powder eye pencil in Slate Cp 4 ; I love this eyeliner. It’s super smooth and glides on easily.

9) a couple of bobby pins.


I’m a minimalist, sorry.  I had a revlon blush palette that I love. However, I seem to have misplaced it while using it in the car.

Any questions about the products above? Go ahead and ask.


Review: Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub

17 Sep

     So I have been using this product for about 4-5 months now, and I would say that it doesn’t really help. It takes away about 50% percent of your dirt, but there is still clearly dirt on your nose/pores, but i just use it mainly on my nose and sometimes my forehead and cheeks. It is kind of a hassle to use this prodcut though, because after you use it, your nose is already red from the scrubbing and yet you still have to get a washcloth or scrub your pores again, which always makes my nose pretty sore.

The Steps That You Need To Take:

  • Wet face with warm/hot water.
  • Apply this on.
  • Scrub well; Circular motions?
  • Wash off with cold water.


I’d give this product a 6/10, because I does keep my face clear, but it doesn’t completely clear my pores. It also smells very good and warms up in hot/warm water!