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Hi readers!

12 Sep

I just wanted to ask¬† you guys for a favor. I get a big influx of readers everyday, but I’ve always thought “I wonder if anyone consistently checks up on this blog?”

So please, if you like to frequent this blog quite often (which is lovely), please write me a comment below, just saying hi, telling me what you’d like to see more of, or anything!

pleasepleaseplease! I’d like to know who I’ve helping out by making this blog. It’ll also help me know when/how often I should be posting, so that you guys won’t have to wait. Thank you dear readers.

-femme fatale


An Improper Introduction

1 Sep

LOL, the title says it all. I should have started this blog out properly, introductions first & posts afterwards, but i was too impatient!

So anyways, let’s get to the point, shall we?

name: “lina”; Angelurmasekur

What i’ve set out to do: basically i’ve set out to do rants, help people with “fashion&hair” problems, and talk!!

About myself: Please don’t expect me to be that typical airheaded little girly girl because frankly, i’m NOT. I have my own opinions, thoughts, & dreams. I love to play computer games, mostly Command&Conquer;I’ve basically got the entire collection,save 1 or 2 games. My alter ego loves clothes, hair, & everything inbetween. HAHA! I’ll be switching between them every so often, so be prepared. :]