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Music Interests

8 Mar

Just another “About Me” blog.


I like to listen to a variety of music.

Some of my favorite artists right now are:


-Metro Station

-Family Force 5

-Taylor Swift

-UltraViolet Sound



Some of these I would list in the techno area, but then again I like to listen to classical, romance, etc.


What are some of your favorite music artists?


Blog #1

9 Feb

Hey guys…

I have some bad news. 😦

I won’t be posting anything for about a month.


School, life, and I’m sick right now.

But I’ll still try to find time to post things up for y’all. :’)



19 Jan

I love Disney Channel. 🙂 Sorry for all of you who don’t. So if you want to download or sometime watch Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place, etc. and don’t have cable, I’ve found an awesome site.


🙂 enjoy!

Requests From the Readers?

13 Sep

Haha, for the people who actually read my blog and care about what i say, i just want to state that i DO have a Youtube account but haven’t made any videos yet, so if you do have any requests [fashion, hair, rants?] wise, just comment below and i’ll try my best. 🙂

Plus a few facts

3 Sep

Favorite colors: Crimson, Gold, & Blue. I DESPISE how people think that Crimson is “RED” and/or Gold is “YELLOW”. They have different names for a reason people!

Height: 5’5 1/2 – 5’6. Posted so that y’all might realize that if you’re petite or whatnot, then i can’t actually help you in the fashion area, UNLESS you personally cmmt and request then, then i’ll try. :]