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23 Jan

Hello beloved readers

9 Mar

I’m sorry that I haven’t posted in a long while. Life has been good to me, and I hope that it has treated you nicely as well. Anyway, back to this blog. I’ve neglected it for way too long, and am excited to be able to update it again! However, being away for so long as left me rusty, so please tell me, what would YOU like me to post next? Leave me tips, ideas, etc.! Thank you!


Fashion: What to wear this Winter 2010

27 Nov

  1. Cable knit sweaters. Very warm, and you can find great deals on them at Forever 21. Cable knit sweaters are usually always a staple, no matter what the style is of the year.

2. Fleece lined boots. They are incredibly comfortable, and you can find awesome deals. I would suggest that if you are a  bit on the taller side, to get the type that goes to about mid-calf and not getting the short ankle ones, because then it’d look awkward on your tall frame.

3. Chunky scarves. You can get the regular style, or, if you like wrapping them around your neck, you can get a circle scarf. The neat thing about these is that they can easily become a diy project, so that you can save a few bucks.

4. Knit beanies/berets. Very cute, and they never go out of style. Forever 21 sells affordable ones, plus they have some with pom poms! I would advise you to invest in buying a white beanie, as these are very traditional.


As you can see, the knitted style is very classic, and it’s in this year! For the winter season, you can never go wrong with these basics. Enjoy! (:

Fashion: How to wear Thigh High Socks

30 Oct

Thigh High socks are are a good replacement for tights and leggings, plus they show a bit of skin without looking revealing!

*images are not mine unless stated otherwise

Here are a few ways that you can wear them. Enjoy and comment please!

1) Thigh High socks with shorts

! You can totally dress up a normal shorts and tee outfit with thigh highs, and even a light spring scarf to spice up your outfit. This outfit would not cost a lot at all, but would still look very unique and chic.

2. Thigh High Socks with a dress

As you can see with the first 2 pictures, wearing thigh highs give you a unique look to spice up a dull dress, and keeps you looking classy too.

3.You can keep it very chic and look cutting edge with toned done colors, and keep it neutral with grays, browns, blacks, and white. As you can see in the picture, going with a fedora is suiting. If you want, you could also add a big attention grabbing necklace and a nice belt, and top it off with some heels.

4. As you can see, thigh high socks are not only black, but also light colors, so experiment! Furthermore, since I can’t find a picture, I’ll just type it here as well. Thigh High Socks with Floral Dresses are beautiful too, in all prints, just depending on what you color socks you wear it with.

5. To correlate with my last fashion post, you can also wear Thigh High Socks with Oxfords. Again, thigh highs don’t have to be black! I personally love thigh highs with oxfords, because I think it looks chic and vintage.

Japanese inspired Halloween outfits

16 Oct

have fun!

floating away

11 Oct

Tapestry blouse, opaque leggings 🙂




3 Oct

I’ve created a lookbook 🙂 Enjoy~

Please comment here or there and tell me what you guys think about it, PLEASE.